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Sunday Funday in Sayulita

Cue the Aperol Spritz and pop that Champagne for mimosas because mommy and daddy have a babysitter here in Sayulita!

I must say, we are one week in and are just loving this charming village. And when I say village, I mean it. Sayulita is pretty small and the community here is very tight knit. If you meet a new person one day, you are guaranteed to see them time and time again throughout your stay here. Coming from a large metropolitan area, being immersed in a small community is very refreshing. I love waving hi to new friends walking around town with Everett and connecting with like minded individuals. Both the locals and digital nomad community are so warm and really embrace you. We found our babysitter, Joanne, through our friend’s friend who makes Kombucha locally. She was highly recommended and upon meeting her immediately connected. And of course, Everett just adores her undivided attention and play time! He barely notices when we leave. Haha!

Yesterday we went out for an adults Sunday Funday brunch at La Rustica in town. The food was incredible and the drinks and conversation just kept comin’. My eggs Benedict had a unique flair with crispy bacon and a pesto hollandaise and just thinking about them today makes me crave another meal there asap. We really savored our long, leisurely brunch there before heading to the beach in our golf carts. Golf carts are a way of life here in Sayulita and I never want to return to normal driving (and neither does Everett). It feels so free to cruise around with the fresh ocean wind in your hair and a giant smile on your face!

After some serious lounge/sun time at the beach, we grabbed groceries and headed back to our house to make dinner with some friends who had just moved here from California. We cooked up our Bonita fish that we had caught from our fishing trip on Friday and had a beautiful feast together. I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful evenings I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot of good ones)! It was so nice to connect with new friends and share a delightful meal together. Life in the tropics (away from the busyness of Western life back home) really makes you appreciate the smaller moments, the tiny details that many tend to overlook. The genuine connections, hugs and smiles from people you’ve only just met are just so magical. Like my new friend mentioned last night, “people don’t forget the way you made them feel.” And that is so true of my conversations with these beautiful humans I shared a lovely evening with last night. I’ll always remember the way they made me feel, the moving prayer before our meal, the taste of home cooked food made with love, the genuine laughter around the table, the colorful pink sunset over the lush, tropical hills and the atmosphere of kindness, connection, warmth and grace.

Thank you Jesus for this life, these feelings of love and support, and the awareness to savor these magical moments. Amen.


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