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HOW TO Prepare for your Family Photoshoot

There is so much that goes on before, during and after your session! Being prepared is so important as it can influence your mood and that can directly translates to those amazing images you seek! Here are some of my quick tips for arriving to your session feeling confident and knowing what to expect.

  1. Sessions are typically outside in nature and scheduled in the late afternoon/early evening hours (typically an hour before sunset) when that gold glow is just perfect!

  2. Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes to accommodate outfit changes, family members that need a break, etc. However, in most sessions we can get everything we need in less than one hour.

  3. Choose a location that feels good to you! Where do feel most alive and happy? What backdrop do you envision for your session? Don't worry, I have a location guide that'll help you and I narrow down the perfect spot here in Orange County (and beyond if we're doing a session abroad)

  4. Depending on your session type, you might want to bring special props. Example: Graduation cap/gown for high school seniors, balloons/special blanket for 1 year baby smash cake, etc. Be sure to have these items ready to go the day before your session.

  5. Plan your wardrobe well before your session date. This will save you time and stress the week before/day before/ day of. And with little kiddos, I highly recommend changing into their outfits when you arrive at the location, just in case there are spit-ups, spills on the car ride over. *See my HOW TO Plan Wardrobe for your Family Photoshoot on the Blog

  6. Make sure kiddos are well rested, well fed and snacks are readily available. These always help during photoshoots, especially with the toddlers. A favorite bribe snack of mine is marshmallows! They're tasty, kids love them and they aren't colorful and as messy as other options. And feel free to bring your kiddos' favorite toy for comfort as well, as long as your don't mind that toy potentially being in the photos.

  7. Mamas, start getting ready well ahead of time so you're not rushing. Take your time and enjoy a little time for you before your session. Maybe even get a mani/pedi the day before and/or get your makeup done! I have the most amazing hair/makeup artist reference if you want her information.

  8. Babies and kids will cry and/or fuss at times, don't worry. Our time together allows for multiple breaks if needed and there is no need to rush.

  9. Take the toddler's lead. Toddlers will be toddlers, they're curious, want to explore and walk around. Let's just take their lead. If they're walking towards a flower to check it out, I'll direct you all to follow them and get in close to see that flower together. These impromptu shots happen to be some of the best so just go with it!

  10. Relax, enjoy and just keep smiling! Even if the wheels are falling off and all hope seems lost. Don't worry and smile through it. Trust me to get the images that you desire and to direct you and your family in the process.

  11. Have any specific questions for me? Ask away! I'm here to support you!

I hope these quick tips will help you go into your next family session feeling cool, confident and comfortable!

With Love,



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