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Back into the Mexican Rhythm

We're back baby! The Fausts landed in Puerto Vallarta a couple days ago and I must say it feels soooo good to be in Mexico again! We'll be staying here in Sayulita for the next 3 weeks and already settling into the slower paced life here near the ocean. Today's agenda: pool time with the little guy in the morning, a little creative work during naptime and a golf cart ride to the beach this afternoon.

There is something so simple and relaxing about getting into the groove of the slower paced life. Don't get me wrong, even back home, I feel like the "sloth life" was made for me in many ways. Haha! I love a slow morning with a cup of coffee and a good book, a brisk morning walk with an interesting/inspiring podcast, siesta time in the afternoon and a deliciously quiet evening with a home cooked meal and Netflix and/or a good book. But there is something so spectacular about life in coastal villages in different countries. Each country has a rhythm completely of its own; it's own unique song that you can't help swaying your hips to. And I must say, that the Fausts love this Mexican dance. The cobblestone streets, the colorful markets of fruit and vibrant sunsets over the ocean, the smiling faces of the locals and the gentleness of a life calmly lived. The feeling of freedom and your soul's expansion when you sink your toes into the sand and that similar sinking of your soul into life’s goodness when this place wraps you in its comforting arms.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page." -Saint Augustine.

As I watched last night's Valentines Day sunset with the love of my life, two of our clo friends and my son rolling around in the sand in complete bliss, I was immersed in overwhelming gratitude for the book we're writing together. The hardships and trials of the last two months since my father’s passing has shined more light onto the importance of the book we write and the chapters we're consistently adding to our life's story. This is what life’s about; savoring the slowness of the moments, both novel and mundane. Wrapping your arms and heart around every loved one in your life as if it were the last and cherishing the present moments with all your being, whether it be in the comforts of home or an exotic location overseas. Make your everyday magical. Live your Magical Everyday.


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