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“In the midst of winter, I found there was within me, an invincible summer."

I love legends, myths, stories and mysteries. As a child I would watch History Channel documentaries with my father and marvel over the illusive past; the prevalent figures and myths passed down from generation to generation, and the lost worlds and civilizations that seemed to disappear overnight. Where do we come from? What is the larger picture and purpose for our existence? Why am I here? Questions I consistently asked myself (and continue to ask) as well as the generations of ancestors before me. Part of the allure of these questions to me is the fact that we’ll likely never truly know in this lifetime, but that we continue to ask, seek, and make bold attempts of curiosity anyway.

When contemplating the birth of The Magical Everyday, the legend of the Phoenix jumps into my mind. According to ancient Greek mythology, the Phoenix would gain new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The Phoenix symbolizes REBIRTH and RENEWAL and that’s exactly what The Magical Everyday represents to me. Although I didn’t understand the entirety of it at the time, it was during a period of darkness, that I was reborn. The darkness provided the learning ground and soil for me to gain the clarity and direction I needed to eventually take flight.

The years 2013, 2014, and parts of 2015 of what I often refer to as my ‘dark nights of the soul.’ I had recently moved back home to California after studying abroad in Europe, one of the highlight experiences of my life. However, upon returning home I found myself desperately lonely and feeling completely lost and without direction. This lack of direction wasn’t anything new for me. I had been searching for a ‘career/calling/purpose’ for years without success. I had tried journalism, marketing, real estate and teaching before deciding to move abroad to earn my MA in European History (something I had always wanted to do despite the fact I had no clue what I wanted to do with that degree).

During the months following my return home, the adjustment was more difficult than I would have ever anticipated. The sting of loneliness was palpable and was likely felt by those who encountered me during this time. My family was concerned about me and my friends were saddened by my feeble attempts to feign happiness. I was approaching the end of a long term relationship/friendship and mixed with the lack of direction, I sank to depths previously unknown in my prior 28 years. Although I’ve never known or understood depression, if there were ever a time I had come close to understanding, this was certainly it.

In between applying for jobs daily where I was completely overqualified and grossly underpaid, I tried to fill my days with my only sources of reprieve; yoga and running. I felt peace and comforting stillness on my mat and in the warm breeze of my morning runs. This internal peace began to come upon me beyond my exercising routines. Slowly, solace and comfort enveloped me in the silence of my house and soon permeated into the silence of my heart. I began to read more and flame the fire of my curiosity again. Books became my fellow companions and my quest for wisdom and truth began to grow. I started to meditate and journal and question my vision and legacy for this life. What did I truly want? What did I value? What decisions am I making today that will guide the direction of my life? I learned to take back the power I had previously given away regarding my life and my choices. I learned to accept the choices of my past and truly envision my heart’s desires and my future. I began to really love myself. Although I had always been kind towards myself, I really cultivated the practice of true, radiant, radical self love during this period. And what beautiful gifts the solitude of that time and that lonely house had brought. The never-ending gifts that I continue to nourish myself with daily; self love, empowerment, and intentional living.

Similar to the legend of the Phoenix, the solitude of that dark, uncomfortable homecoming served as the birthplace and soil of the next great chapter in my life. From amidst the pain, hurt, grief, loneliness, and loss of direction came the next great season. That period of my life served as the fertilizer, cultivating the soil where the flowers were to soon BLOOM. It was here that The Magical Everyday was birthed on August 14, 2014. The name came to me in a dream like state, just before I fell asleep and felt like a divine download. Although I wasn’t quite sure what it meant or what I would do with it, I held it close to my heart and guarded its light and magic. I instinctively knew that its hidden depth, mystery and meaning would gradually unfold and reveal itself to me in perfect, divine time.

Until that time fully blossomed, I began taking small action steps towards creating and building The Magical Everyday. It became my beacon of light; the lighthouse, guiding the lost vessel back home. And little by little, I began to assemble the ‘broken’ pieces of myself back together again. I wasn’t the same girl in so many ways, and the pieces didn’t quite fit together in the same fashion as they once did. However, what arose was a far more beautiful, intricate mosaic of the person I once was; textured, detailed, wise, deep, grateful, strong, joyful, radiant, connected, and full of so much LOVE that beamed brighter and stronger that I could’ve ever imagined before. The darkness had lifted and the clarity I had always sought in the external world became the song in my heart, the dance in my step, and the internal smile of my soul.

The Magical Everyday became the beautiful glue that helped piece together my ‘brokenness’ into the gorgeous mosaic that I see reflected in the mirror everyday. I created my own legend, my own myth by rewriting the story of my past and choosing to intentionally create the life and future of my dreams. What may seem like a simple photography business, is actually a reflection of the invincible summer within; that invincible summer inside ourselves that all of us have access to, that place that only YOU can seek and find.

The Magical Everyday became me, is me and will evolve and grow as I will. It reflects the lens in which I choose to see the world; the choice I make daily to see the beauty, majesty, connection and mystery of this life, humanity, and the world. The Magical Everyday is my lens and I invite you to take a peak from this spectacular vantage point. Try it on a while, sink in, take your shoes off, get comfortable and welcome home.

With joy, love & light,

Lindsay K.

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