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Preparing for Your In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

Those first couple weeks at home with a newborn can be such a whirlwind, but a beautiful one at that. Capturing this precious season of your life is so important especially since our babies grow up so quickly. I'm always so thrilled when parents choose to document these small, fleeting moments. Here are some quick tips and tricks to ensure our time together for your session goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Sessions are done in home and scheduled in the AM hours when the natural light is brightest inside your home. Sessions typically last 90 minutes so we can take our time to accommodate for diaper changes, feedings, older sibling breaks, etc.

  2. Newborn lifestyle sessions focus more on the family natural in their home and less of the cutesy baby wraps and artistic images. Imagine family cuddles together in the nursery, staring in your baby's eyes in the rocking chair and comfortably capturing this special season in your cozy home.

  3. We'll focus on 1-2 rooms during our session. I suggest choosing a room(s) that are the brightest and remove as much clutter as possible the day before your session. Popular rooms include the nursery, bedroom and living room.

  4. Gather any special props the day before your session and have them ready to go. These items can be special blankets, baby shoes, etc. Anything that is special and desired for your images.

  5. Plan to heat it up the rooms/house for the photoshoot. Newborns need lots of warmth, especially since we'll want images of their tiny toes and likely be changing them into different clothes throughout the session. Plan to heat the rooms/house to around 78 degrees and/or use a space heater near baby during our session.

  6. Make sure older siblings are well rested, fed and snacks are readily available.

  7. Wearing lighter colored neutrals photograph really well for newborn photos. Off white, beiges, light tans bounce beautiful light and produce an ethereal glow so this special time. Flowy, light off white or neutral colored dresses and textured fabrics for mama are always a good choice.

  8. Babies will cry and/or fuss at times, don't worry. Our time together allows for multiple breaks if needed and there is no need to rush.

  9. Plan for multiple outfits as backup, just in case spit up happens.

  10. Mamas, start getting ready well ahead of time so you're not rushing. Take your time and enjoy a little time for you before your session. Maybe even get a mani/pedi the day before! I have amazing hair/makeup artist referrals if you're interested in being glammed up before your session.

  11. Relax and enjoy! Trust me to get the images that you desire and to direct you and your family in the process.

  12. Just keep smiling!

  13. And if your have any specific questions for me? Ask away! I'm here to support you!

I hope these quick tips will help you go into your newborn session feeling both calm, relaxed and excited.

With Love,



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