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Say Yes to New Adventures!

Well we said YES and we're currently one week into our big 4 month adventure! This past week living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico has definitely been adventurous but it's also had a familiar rhythm to our life back home, which feels like the perfect blend of new and exciting yet stable and comfortable.

We landed last Monday May 3rd after a short 4 hour flight from Los Angeles to Cancun. Another 45 minutes in a car hire and we checked into our new home for the month of May. The weather has definitely been toasty here to say the least but the rise in heat has also given way to the lessening of the crowds and the ripening of the travel deals. When we traveled to PDC back around New Years, we loved our place so much that we were able to negotiate directly with the owner of our condo for the month of May. Instead of paying high season pricing, we found an agreeable monthly rate. And we've been so pleased with our experience with our condo's owner, that we've utilized all her contacts down here for other services. We've hired her friend's daughter to help babysit Everett (he just loves her!), her friend's car hire service for tours, restaurant & grocery suggestions and more. Via the owner, we've made so many wonderful, trustworthy contacts and are already making the most out of our experience here. It really is all about who you know. People make such a direct impact and travel really is all about those personal experiences.

Everett is adapting to the lifestyle on the Mayan Riviera very nicely to say the least! Haha. He is becoming quite the foodie from eating out as often as we have the past week (and becoming slightly pickier about mommy's meals because of it). He LOVES sitting outside on the promenade and watching the people walk by, the various entertaining acts performing on 5th avenue and waiving hi to everyone. He has already grown so much since we arrived: walking 7-8 steps in a row now, clapping on command and waiving to everyone. The locals here give him so much attention and he's such a ham soaking it all up! He started swim lessons this past week and has basically been in the water every day since we arrived. He doesn't even mind the water splashing in his face like he did a week ago! His babysitter is just the sweetest and he hasn't minded us leaving him with her one bit. In fact, when we went out for our anniversary dinner the other night, he basically just waived bye to us and seemed to want us to leave! Haha. And that was the first night someone other than mommy or daddy put him to bed. So yes, Everett is adapting quite well and living his best life!

Chad and I are also really enjoying ourselves here. Back home, we don't venture out without the little guy very often (date nights tend to be once every two months since E was born). But here in Mexico, life is much more affordable so we're taking advantage of our time here. The food is incredible and I can honestly say I haven't had a bad meal here. There are some places that really stand out as exceptional but even the places that we've walked into by chance have been delicious as well. Our favorite date night spot is just down the street called Trujillo Cantina de Selva. The ambiance is so lively, with candlelight surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees. The music is fantastic with frequent DJ's and the food is delicious! My favorite items have been the roasted corn and the ahi tuna tostada. And you can't forget the house cocktails and margaritas! Muy delicioso!

One of the "challenges" this week was my recent jaunt to the Walmart. I walked in the hot, midday sun with Everett for 20 minutes to get there. And after arriving of course the escalator was broken so I had to walk up the stairs with the stroller. Drenched in my own sweat, I was then confronted by a worker at the front who said that babies/children weren't allowed in the store. I'm assuming it's because Everett wasn't wearing a mask but I'm guessing there was also a decent amount that was lost in translation so I'll never know for certain. However, since there were kids and some babies all waiting outside with their families, I'm guessing my translation of the situation was at least partially correct. It seems very odd to me but without a proper translator or my husband's drunk Spanish (his skills increase exponentially as the drinks add up), I turned around and walked to the Mega Soriana grocery store instead and then proceeded to sweat some more on my walk home with a heavy bag of groceries. Lesson learned Mexico... no more midway shopping runs. No Walmart with baby. I'm already scoping out some great organic options instead because I'd rather shop local over Walmart any day anyway.

It's definitely been a week of adventure but also a week of ease and new routine. I'm so grateful for the memories made this past week and those that will be made here over the next 3 weeks. Just simply slowing down and enjoying life as a family has already been so rewarding. Our evening dips together in the pool have been a major highlight as well as discovering the cenotes, natural water pools with limestone caves (more to come about cenotes in upcoming blog post).

Thank you for coming along on our journey!

Bon Chance Fellow Travelers,

Lindsay K.

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