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“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

When you hear the whispers of your soul, do you choose to hit the SNOOZE button? When an enormous dream is placed in your heart, do you curl under your cozy comforter and go back to sleep? Do your BIG dreams sometimes feel so daunting and overwhelming that you decide to take zero action and shrink up in fear instead of taking that smallest baby step forward? Or do you simply fill up your days with busy work and routine to distract you from the ‘stuckness’ and lack of movement and motivation?

Well, welcome to my Magical Everyday lately! Yes friends, I’m not immune to how life can get sometimes. Although I try to move through life with ease, grace and lightness- sometimes one just feels heavy, sleepy and unmotivated. However, it is a CHOICE and I take full responsibility for my current state. I have gradually opted out of my routine, successfully distracted myself, allowed fear to creep in, and have choose to shrink lately instead of expand! I have continually chosen contraction instead of expansion to the point that it has become a routine for me. After a busy summer building my business and a whirlwind month of travel, I recognized that I needed a reprieve and gave myself an allotted time to rest, relax and connect. However, in this beautiful space that I created for myself, I have allowed a bit too much space between my current reality and my dreams. As a result, my BIG dreams just feel so far away. So once again, I’m making a CHOICE to come back home and reconnect with God’s vision for my life.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

This quote has been echoing in my heart for the past couple weeks and up until recently, I didn’t actually know that it was quote by Leonardo Di Caprio. However, it’s message is in perfect alignment with what God is currently asking of me. I’m being called to elevate myself into the next phase. The upcoming new chapter of my life requires an entirely new level of ME, however my old patterns and routines are not in alignment with BIG dreams and desires.

I believe that these feelings of fear, ‘stuckness’ and lack of motivation have arose specifically to illuminate the parts of me where I need to grow and these areas of growth are essential before I can move ‘confidently towards the direction of my dreams.’

This period of time has caused me to question what it is that is really holding me back from elevating into the next level of ME? What parts of me need healing? What parts of me need strength, fortitude and perseverance? What old ideas, beliefs, patterns and fears need to be released? What parts of my lifestyle need to be let go to propel me into the next phase? And what new habits, routines and choices would the future me instill today to better prepare me for the next chapter?

I recognize that fear and complacency play leading roles in this current situation of mine, even though it’s not pretty to admit. Most of the time I feel like I have my life together and move swiftly, calmly and freely throughout my beautiful days. I love my life and know I’m consciously growing and making great life choices. However, I notice that my default setting, when it comes to taking risks in life, is to shrink back into my familiar routine, play it small and distract myself with busyness.

Why do we humans tend to do this? Shrink in fear and retreat at the base camp of our biggest dreams? I was just starting to settle into the dynamic combination of feeling both fierce and soft and setting the solid foundation of the next great chapter before I allowed fear and complacency to enter my routine. I am not at all entirely against complacency. I think there is a beauty to being completely comfortable and happy where you are in life, so long as you are connected to a higher vision. In my recent case, complacency overtook vision and led to the disconnect between myself and my dreams!

God placed a BIG dream in my heart and it’s a vision I cannot shrink and hide from. It’s so distinct and clear that even attempting to hide from it feels like settling. It’s a vision that’s demanding a different version of me. I believe our souls are whispering a distinct message to us all and so many of us choose to sleep walk instead of pay closer attention. What are the whispers from your soul saying? What are the BIG dreams that you’re ignoring out of fear, failure or lack? And what small step can you add into your routine to help reconnect you with your BIG vision and dream? What does the next level of your life look like and what does that new level require of you?

You and I may not know all the answers to these questions right away. But I can assure you that if you begin asking the questions, that the whispers of your soul will soon respond. Start with an open heart and pure curiosity. Cut out all the distractions and negativity. Write down the questions on paper. Spend quiet time alone in nature. Meditate (even for a few minutes per day- just start). Free write on the pages of a journal. CHOOSE. CHOOSE. Choose to be receptive to the whispers of your soul and CONNECT (as well as consistently reconnect) with the dreams God has placed on your heart. These dreams are there for a reason and would not be there if you were not entirely capable of bringing them to reality.

With joy, love and light,

Lindsay K.

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart- this you will build your life by, and this you will become.” –James Allen

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